About Our School

Opening our doors for the first time for the 2003-2004 school year, the new Robert J. Elkington Middle School was named after a longtime Grand Rapids English teacher and School Board member. An additional wing was added in 2008. The fifth through eighth grade-level facility will annually enroll approximately 1200 students.

The 168,000 square foot building features a wing for each grade, a commons area, art, technology and computer education classrooms, and a media center. The school, which sits on 45 acres in the northwest part of the city, also includes a triple gym, eight-lane swimming pool, eight tennis courts, along with baseball, football and soccer fields.

Additionally, the school is air-conditioned, the floors are made of a durable material called terrazzo and the exterior is made of brick and brown sandstone. Automatic irrigation will help keep the grass green from spring through fall.

The large commons area is adjacent to the administrative offices and seats 320. The gym can hold 900 and the pool area up to 600. Each of the wings has bathrooms and eight to ten classrooms. The separate wings for each grade level will keep different-age students separated.